#HOTTAB - Cloudbeds Integration Introduction

1. Activate Cloudbeds Integration

This article is to guide you on how to set up the Cloudbeds function in the Integration panel of the Admin website. Cloudbeds is a property management system suite of products with own internet booking engine, channel manager, rate intelligence and more. Cloudbeds needs to be set up on the #HOTTAB admin websites before implementing and updating any data on the tablets. Step By Step Guide Step 1: On the admin website, click on Integrations on the left sidebar menu Step 2: Sel...

2. Checking Connection Status.

This section shows how you can check the status of a successful connection to the Cloudbeds server after setting up. Step1; Log on the #HOTTAB admin page. Step 2; Select Integrations and click on Cloudbeds to see the status of connection. - Note that when the authentication button turns yellow with a message Checking authentication. - After then, the status turns green with a message Connection successful which means #HOTTAB POS is connected to Cloudbeds server.

3. How to Disconnect the App

This section shows how #HOTTAB POS can be disconnected from Cloudbeds. To disconnect #HOTTAB POS from Cloudbeds, click on Step By Step Instructions Step 1; Select Integrations and Click on Cloudbeds on the left menu of the admin page of #HOTTAB POS. Step 2; Tap the switch button at the top left of the page to disconnect the app.

4. Setting Payment Method

This section shows how to map payment method from #HOTTAB POS with that of Cloudbeds. Step 1; Select Integrations and click on Cloudbeds on #HOTTAB POS. Step 2; Below the authentication button, match the list of payment method from #HOTTAB POS with one of the Cloudbeds payment methods using the drop-down button.

5. How Cloudbeds Works with #HOTTAB POS ; 5.1. Paying for An Order

This section shows how Cloudbeds integration works with #HOTTAB POS for hotel management Note that after authenticating a successful connection to Cloudbeds on the #HOTTAB admin, on the #HOTTAB POS you must UPDATE DATA to get the Cloudbeds settings before making any transaction. 5.1. Paying for An Order ( Step By Step Instructions). Step 1: The User (cashier/ waiter) creates an order. Click on to check the ...

6. Digital Signature Settings

This section is to guide on how to activate and deactivate data signature settings for confirming customer’s payment. Step 1: Go to the admin website of #HOTTAB POS Step 2: Select Settings Step 3: Click on Payment method Step 4: Select Digital Signature to switch on or off signature function for confirming payment.

7. Refund a Bill by Charge to Room

This section guides on how to refund a bill that was charged to room. Step 1: Select Transactions on #HOTTABPOS Step 2: Select the order Assigned to Cloudbeds customer. Step 3: Click on Refund Note that only full refund can be made, and not a partial refund due to the limitation on refund by Cloudbeds.

8. Print the X/ Z report with total amount charged to room/ refund charged to the room for Cloudbeds.

This section shows that you can print the X and Z report for shifts showing the total amount that was charged to room and the refund made with charge to room orders.

9. When #HOTTAB Is Not Connected to Cloudbeds

An error message will be displayed on #HOTTAB POS when there is no connection between Cloudbeds server and #HOTTAB POS. - When Cloudbeds has been deactivated on #HOTTAB admin.

10. Show status of posting on order summary.

This section explains the status of each orders in the order summary on #HOTTAB admin. There are four different status which are; - Posted – This means an order charged to a reservation has been posted on Cloudbeds server. - Unposted – This order has not been posted yet to Cloudbeds server. - N/A­ – This order is either still running on the POS or the order is paid without been charged to a reservation on the POS. - Error – This means that there was a problem while trying to post this...

11. Show details of posting for each order on order detailed view

On the order details view you can see the posting status of each other. When you click on the status, you can see the posting details.

12. #HOTTAB Care Contact Info And Learning Tools.

To contact our #HOTTABCARE personnel’s, Check the details. Below. We’ve also provided links you can help yourself with to find answers to your questions. Contact Information Email: [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) Phone Calls / Whatsapp / Line / SMS: 0942 HOTTAB (094 246 8822) Facebook Messenger: ( #HOTTAB Care Portal Web Address: Type questions into the search bar.